Want a web-based TMS that allows you to move more freight and maximize margins like never before? Put our intelligence to work. It's that easy.
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Freight Genius is an enterprise-level Transportation Management System (TMS) with the most informative and effective real-time freight capabilities in the industry. It's a fraction of the cost of most big systems and empowers you to scale, improve cash-flow, and increase profits!



This cloud-based TMS is perfect for shippers, carrier fleets, and freight brokers of all sizes. Simplified user experiences require little-to-no implementation lead time, and it integrates easily into other systems. It's genius.

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Ideal experience

Rapid deployment, seamless updating, low implementation costs, and zero learning curve.

intelligent workflows

Powerful insights such as predictive analytics, freight tracking, real-time capacity, and lane rates.

easy integration

Open API provides assurance of compatibility with existing or future systems.


Our game-changing platform gives you greater visibility, better organization, and the support you need to take control of your company's logistics once and for all. Start a free 30-day trial right now, and you'll be set up in seconds. It's never been easier to put a genius on your team.

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