the platform

Freight Genius is a web-based Transportation Management Solution (TMS) built for freight brokers, shippers, and carrier fleets of all sizes. Offered as a subscription, it allows users to move more freight and maximize margins like never before.



We set out to build a platform that was easy-to-use while offering the most intelligent and effective real-time freight capabilities in the industry. The result? Freight Genius provides the tools needed to reduce freight spend by up to 10%, effectively grow and scale your freight brokerage, and fully manage fleet operations.

OUr background

Freight Genius is a software as a service (SaaS) product of Firebend. We're a fast-growing technology company with more than 20 years of experience in logistics and operations. Our solutions are innovative, high-performing, and always informed by our knowledge of the transportation industry.

here to help

Whether you're a freight broker, shipper, or carrier, we're here with the data, technology, and tools you need to make intelligent decisions about your business. To start a free 30-day trial or see a live demo of Freight Genius, contact us today!

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