Freight Genius provides powerful web-based tools that will help you scale, improve cash flow, and increase profits. It's an automated approach to managing your freight that will have you eliminating paperwork and gearing up for better gains.


Load Board Integration

Save time and money by posting your shipment for thousands of trucks to see, while displaying market rates and available trucks.

Carrier Genius

Carriers can view, update, and upload PODs, plus check the payment status of their shipments.

Contract Rates

Upload contracted rates for shippers & carriers, expediting the order process and creating a digital database of rates.

Automatic Load Tendering

Apply intelligent automation to the process of covering loads by creating a preferred carrier list or waterfall.

Intelligent Workflows

Integrations with external platforms allow users to spend more time on their supply chain by automating time-consuming tasks.

Lane History

Find carriers that have done the lane and compare their rates to the market averages.

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